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F E E L I N G   W E L C O M E 

a community mural project in missoula, mt 

This mural was painted in Missoula, MT in 2020. It is one of four murals painted for the Zootown Arts Community Center Mural Alley Project.

My goal in this project was to facilitate community connection, and to bring forward some of the many wonderful voices that we have here in Missoula. I love public art projects which invite public participation, especially when collaborators can tangibly see their individual contributions in the final product. Along this vein of thought, I wanted to use this mural as an opportunity for people to connect in this strange year, which for many has been quite isolating.


I began the process by organizing a participation call, where I invited community members to send me photos of their hands, some words that they would like to share about themselves, and their favorite color. I tried to reach as many people as possible, and shared the art call through social media and posters around town.


Each hand is representative of someone living in Missoula, painted in their favorite color.

Read about each participant and connect through this illustrated key! 

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