This body of work centers around a series of paintings and sculptures which serve as visual representation of my poetry. The assemblages are made primarily with found objects, a staple gun, graphite and house paint. I have gravitated towards working on a large scale because of the way it forces my body to literally move across the surface to progress the imagery; I feel that this helps me to become fully immersed in the process.

3:37 (and lots of other times) 

and now
i am waiting 
to forget to remember - 

i imagine it is much less painful
than constantly remembering to forget.

3:37 (and lots of other times)

42 x 72 in

steel wool, sheep wool, staples, metal mesh, felt, acrylic + latex paint, graphite on canvas


Anything at All?

Do you remember what you thought

 (what you felt)

when you tucked back my hair

(when you pulled hers?)


Do you remember

forehead kisses

sweater tugs

 "be right back - just the bathroom - I'll miss you" s?

(What did you feel

when you threw away my toothbrush?)

Heartbreak Study #1

54 x 66 in

acrylic + latex paint, staples, graphite on canvas



I only see in three colors
and two of them are Blue.

The other,

a strange and indescribable tint- 

I wonder if others can see it too,
but can't find the words to ask.

I wish that everything was Yellow.

I Wish Everything Was

30 x 40 in

resin elk tooth replicas, staples, steel wool, sheep wool, radiator mesh, cloth, acrylic + latex paint, graphite on canvas


Confections, Lies

Please, Please
fiberglass tongue
crunchy and soft
your words are confected
i know
but who can resist 
the sugary sweet?

i wish that i had

my stomach is a balloon
filled with mayonnaise, 
shaky to begin with,
melted to a state unrecognizable.

i want to scream or
           to whisper or 
           to swallow or
           to spit
i cannot

and so
too full for words
i choke on silence 

but still i can see the dog's ear in your teeth
please don't bite down
please, please

Please, Please

40 x 50 in

acrylic, latex, staples, steel wool, matches, radiator mesh, pastel, graphite, cloth, great pyrenees wool on canvas


 © 2020 by stella nall

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