P R O C E S S  P A I N T I N G S

These paintings are created primarily with recycled, reused, found and gifted materials. I refer to them as ‘process paintings' because they act as a venue for me to work through my thoughts + emotions. I gravitate towards working on a large scale for these pieces because of the way it forces my body to literally move across the surface to progress the imagery; I feel that this helps me to become fully immersed in the process. 

3:37 (and lots of other times)

42 x 72 in

steel wool, sheep wool, staples, metal mesh, felt, acrylic + latex paint, graphite on canvas


Heartbreak Study #1

54 x 66 in

acrylic + latex paint, staples, graphite on canvas



23 x 35 in

acrylic, latex, staples,  pastel, graphite, cloth, vinyl wall paper, wood, fly fishing fluff


I Wish Everything Was

30 x 40 in

resin elk tooth replicas, staples, steel wool, sheep wool, radiator mesh, cloth, acrylic + latex paint, graphite on canvas


Please, Please

40 x 50 in

acrylic, latex, staples, steel wool, matches, radiator mesh, pastel, graphite, cloth, great pyrenees wool on canvas


 © 2020 by stella nall

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